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A Message from the President & COO

Since CBRE Japan was founded in 1970, the business has steadily strengthened its position as a comprehensive commercial real estate services provider. CBRE’s range of expertise covers various asset types - office, retail, industrial and logistics, R&D, data center, hotel, and renewable energy – and we also provide a broad scope of services such as leasing, investment, advisory, appraisal, and property management nationwide. We seek to evolve to ensure our services deliver the most value to our clients’ real estate strategies. We strive to contribute to the Japanese economy via our real estate expertise. As one team of diverse professionals, we will continue to provide multi-dimensional solutions and challenge ourselves to new heights.

While Japan’s business environment has been long described as an “era of uncertainty”, that description has never been as apt as it is today. In addition to a pandemic destabilizing the world, the cost of living is increasing significantly, technological advancements are at unimaginable rates, geopolitical tensions are rising, and natural disasters caused by climate change are occurring frequently. To navigate this unpredictable world, companies must optimize their organizational resources. Real Estate can be essential in achieving this, whether owned or in use.

The Japanese corporations, as well as the central and local governments, have yet to unlock the full potential of their real estate and infrastructure assets strategy. Real estate is undoubtedly one of the  critical sectors to help create a virtuous economic cycle and drive Japan’s growth. Building a platform to support Japan’s economy through real estate is CBRE’s mission. We are an industry leader with both local and international insights and execution capabilities. To fulfill this mission, we will continue to expand our business into new areas.

The Bank of Japan’s monetary easing policy has supported the Japanese real estate market. Now on the cusp of change, improving real estate performance has become increasingly important. Under current circumstances, in which sustainability is a new question, for business corporations to establish a long-lasting business platform and continue building a wealthy society, CBRE will take the role in need in Japanese commercial real estate world.

I appreciate and look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Takashi Tsuji
President & COO

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