Corporate Coverage

Supporting your business with diverse specialties and knowledge in corporate real estate.

CBRE Corporate Coverage aspires to to be an exclusive business partner to clients, providing a single point of contact for real estate solutions such as as brokerage services (lease/buy/sell), valuation, consulting, project management, and facility management.



  • Data management, analysis, strategy formulation, and execution for optimization of your real estate portfolio
  • Support for acquisition, relocation, and consolidation of headquarter and regional offices
  • Support for optimization of under-utilized real estate based on your financial strategy (Sell, sale-and-leaseback, monetize)
  • Strategy formulation for locations within and outside of Japan
  • Support for location strategies, development, and operations in the restructuring of manufacturing supply chains
  • Analysis, planning, and execution for optimization of your facilities cost
  • Support for organization of your real estate management team
  • Planning, verification, and execution for property investments
  • Advisory and execution of evaluation, risk assessment, and optimization for M&A and divestitures



  • We are professionals in real estate solutions
  • We provide support from advisory to execution
  • We are backed by CBRE's global resource and knowledge
  • We cover any type of real estate assets


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