Privacy Policy for Events | Japan

Personal information that registrants and participants of an event hosted by CBRE (hereinafter “the Event”) provide to CBRE K.K. (hereinafter “CBRE”) will be handled in accordance with the following provisions.


1. Intended Use of Personal Information

CBRE will only use the provided personal information where necessary to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Operation of the Event.
  • Visits, direct mails, emails, phone calls and other sales activities for commercial real estate services provided by the CBRE group (defined in "2. Sharing of Personal Information").
  • Invitation to future events and seminars.
  • To request participation in surveys for market research, data analysis, customer trend analysis and product and sales method development.
  • To provide real-estate information from the CBRE group through publications, materials, newsletters, etc.


2. Sharing of Personal Information

CBRE will share the provided personal information within the CBRE group as follows.

Scope of parties to use in collaboration CBRE Group (CBRE K.K. and other group companies under the umbrella of CBRE Group Inc. in Japan and globally)
* CBRE Group has more than 530 offices worldwide.
Items of personal information to be shared Company name, address, department, title, name, telephone number, email address, etc.
Intended use As defined in "1. Intended Use of Personal Information."
Entity responsible for management CBRE K.K.


3. Photographic, Video and Audio Recordings

The Event will be photographed and filmed. Please note that these photographed objects (photos, movies, etc.) may be used/posted on CBRE's website, Twitter, printed materials, etc. without prior notice.


4. Contact Us

For more information on the handling of personal information within CBRE, to provide feedback, or to request non-disclosure of your information to third parties, contact CBRE at the following email address.

E-mail: [email protected]
Attn: Personal Information Management Officer
*For further details, refer to our Japan Privacy Policy.