Logistics Market Snapshot, Q1 2018

Take-up in Q1 2018 was 10,600,239 sq ft in 28 deals.  This was a record Quarter beating the previous best of 10.44M sq ft in Q2 2006.  Online Retail was again a significant influencing factor and leading the way with 35.4% of take-up.  
There is currently 2.951M sq ft ‘under offer’ in 15 buildings across all regions.   Of these, 1.32M sq ft (7 units) comprises Grade A and 1.63M sq ft (8 units) are Second Hand. 
There are currently 62 buildings under construction which account for 19.42M sq ft.  12.39M sq ft is committed D&B warehousing in 25 schemes and 7.03M sq ft is speculative in 37 schemes.