• What occupiers are telling us..
    With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changing the way we work, CBRE conducted a survey of office occupiers in Japan, as well as in the whole of Asia Pacific, to examine how the design, location and role of the office could change in future. In Japan, the survey was conducted among occupiers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where changes in work styles have been most prominent.

  • The role of the office is becoming clearer
    Increasing adoption of remote working among employees has served to highlight the importance of the office and the role it plays in fostering communication and collaboration. In many companies, innovation depends on the physical gathering and face-to-face interaction that occurs inside the office.

  • Hybrid working is the new normal
    Both in Asia Pacific as a whole and in Japan, more companies are opting for hybrid working, allowing for both remote and office working. However, companies in Asia Pacific appear to prefer office-based working to a greater extent than those in Europe and the U.S.

  • Shared offices will gain further traction
    Although offices is likely to remain a focal point for work, the diversification of workplace will continue. Shared offices will continue to gain traction, particularly in Japan and other Asian countries, where creating a suitable workspace at home remain challenging.