In tandem with economic development in China, a large number of commercial buildings have sprung up in its major cities. The rapid development has brought an array of unresolved environmental issues to the fore, leading to increasing popularity of and mainstream focus on=, the green building concept. In 2015, CBRE Research conducted a break-through study consolidating a variety of green building standards in China, and assessing the overall market environment. A year later, many new developments and issues worthy of discussion have emerged. In the face of a state of prevalent oversupply in the commercial real estate market, among other challenges facing the industry, green building performance is undeniably a topic of interest among investors, owners and other stakeholders. This paper will address the topic as it applies to the Greater China region, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. As more mature overseas markets that are further along in their development, the status and performance of commercial green buildings in Hong Kong and Taiwan should serve as a good reference point for the prospective outlook of the green building market on the mainland.