The scope of services offered by CBRE Consulting includes corporate consulting, investment consulting, retail consultancy and development consultancy.

CBRE Consulting works very closely with other business lines within CBRE which specialize in agency, management and investment services.

The services offered by CBRE Consulting include:



  • The undertaking of location studies to assist corporate occupiers with regard to occupational decisions
  • The provision of assistance with the master planning of future occupational requirements
  • Assistance with strategic portfolio planning in connection with the utilization of existing properties and real estate assets


  • The preparation of investment marketing materials involving a significant research component
  • The provision of research and analysis to facilitate decisions relating to real estate acquisition and disposition
  • The undertaking of sectoral and geographical analysis in support of investment strategies and initiatives
  • The preparation of research documents related to fund raising within the capital markets, with a particular focus upon Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • The provision of strategic advice in relation to real estate investment opportunities
  • Participation within due diligence exercises relating to real estate assets.


  • Demographic research and consumer analysis in relation to specific locations and developments
  • Market entry studies, focusing upon the real estate characteristics of specific markets, on behalf of retail operators and occupiers
  • Retail market analysis, including the assessment of supply and demand dynamics
  • Preparation of trade and tenant mix recommendations, based upon detailed market and consumer research


  • Property market research and analysis
  • Feasibility studies and the provision of advice regarding the optimum market positioning, content and design of development projects, including financial analysis
  • Review of project designs from a marketing and management perspective
  • Preparation of design briefs relating to development schemes
  • Strategic advice relating to the implementation of development projects, including advice relating to the design, construction, marketing and management of development schemes

CBRE Consulting works closely with other specialist teams in each local market so as to ensure that the advice provided by the team fully reflects all of the key issues associated with the development, ownership, marketing and management of real estate assets across Asia.

With a presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei, Tokyo and Singapore, as well as in India, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, CBRE Consulting is committed to formulating solutions that are fully aligned with the business objectives of our clients.

We create a sustainable competitive advantage for CBRE by creating the world standard for market knowledge and applying that knowledge through research and consulting for the benefit of clients.


  • Production of in-house publications
  • Forecast of market rental and capital values
  • Maintenance of databases
  • Maintenance of other media files related to providing input for corporate publications
  • Research support for internal clients, such as Property Market Review in the form of powerpoint presentations
  • Financial analysis to support agency related work and ad hoc client briefings
  • Preparation of materials for corporate press conferences
  • Provision of articles and related commentary to local and international press
  • Facilitation of information flow amongst various departments on a global basis