Globally, CBRE has a large force of facilities management consultants and engineering and technical professionals to help enhance your workplace environment and improve staff efficiencies by providing consistency of service, combined with locally tailored, customizable solutions. We also provide self-performance of technical services in more countries than any other provider, helping ensure your office runs as smoothly as possible—regardless of location.

We offer cost certainty, reduced risk and improved reliability through multiple facilities management services and areas of expertise, including:

  • Operations and maintenance management advisory services for Offices, Industrial, R&D, Critical Infrastructure and environments
  • 24x7 escalation services for Critical Infrastructure and environments
  • Strategic supply sourcing for best services and prices
  • Energy and sustainability platform management
  • Health & Safety Environment management
  • Employee services such as mail delivery, reception, reprographics, food services and records management
  • Real estate accounting services
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodology expertise for improved process and efficiency
  • Proprietary technology services including a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system)
  • Move Add & Changes (MAC) services and like EFM related projects services
  • Fleet management services