In today’s ever-changing business environment, having a client-focused accounting services team capable of delivering the people, platform and technology to meet your specific needs is more important than ever.

CBRE's Property Management Accounting team in Japan is composed of 2 groups: Property Accounting and Financial Services.

Our Property Accounting team provides total services of accounting transaction management and reporting for Property Management business.

Lease Administration

  • Lease Administration of Rent and Service Charge
  • Tenant Invoice Billing and Cash Receipts
  • Receivable Management


Payments and Cash Management

  • Voucher and Utility Payments
  • Funding Request
  • Owner Remittance
  • Payable Management


Property Reporting

  • Cash Transaction Reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Audit Support


Data Management Support

  • Client System Data Management
  • Data Upload Template


Our Financial Services team provides services for 3 functions: SPC accounting, Asset Management Back Office Services and Corporate Accounting.

SPC Accounting

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Closing
  • GAAP Adjustment
  • Cash Management
  • Investor Reporting
  • Tax and Audit Support


Asset Management Back Office Services

  • Actual vs. Budget Comparison
  • PM Report Validation
  • Trust Related Services
  • Payment Instruction
  • Monitor Reserve Bank Accounts
  • Review Trust Financial Report
  • Covenants Related Services
  • DSCR Test
  • LTV Calculation


Corporate Accounting Services

  • Cash Management
  • Book Keeping
  • Daily Verification of Operating Income
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of Materials for Board Meetings
  • Monthly and Quarterly Closing
  • Year End Arrangements Including Tax and Audit Support
  • Administrative Support