Eiji Sakaguchi

Last year, CBRE K.K. celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over the past year, COVID-19 has posed various challenges, forcing the world to undergo dramatic changes in how we think and act from day to day. We have nonetheless been able to continue our operations with minimal impact, and are sincerely grateful for your support and understanding through the toughest of times.

CBRE is a total solution provider for commercial real estate, offering not only real estate transaction brokerage services, but also a wide range of advisory services, including property management and construction management on a nationwide scale. Our goal is to become a real estate advisory and services company that provides optimal and accurate real estate solutions from a neutral standpoint, to corporations, investors, local governments, and others, to address issues arising from their management strategies and plans.

One of the most notable changes that the global pandemic has brought to the Japanese society has been the accelerated adoption of remote work by corporations. The role of the office space is being re-examined as our work styles change greatly during and after the pandemic. In addition to advising on relocation of offices and utilization of agile offices, CBRE is also assisting the establishment of workplaces that are safe and healthy for employees, fostering of new corporate cultures, and creation of mechanisms that stimulate communication among employees and drive business growth. We also provide solutions tailored to specific conditions and client situations, such as sale-and-leaseback, which allows clients facing financial challenges due to a stagnant economy to sell their buildings but continue using them under a lease contract. Furthermore, leveraging on the CBRE Group's global network of offices in over 100 countries, we deliver best practices from around the globe to help our clients increase their corporate value within and outside of Japan.

As we move toward the year 2030, the UN SDGs and ESG are urgent issues that must be addressed by the Japanese society as a whole. CBRE already provides support through services such as energy conservation for office buildings, assistance in obtaining environmental certifications for office space, and advisory services on renewable energy. We will continue to expand our services and initiatives.

By integrating the powerful functions of each of our service lines and delivering CBRE's comprehensive capabilities to our clients, we will continue to make progress towards becoming a platform for commercial real estate.


Eiji Sakaguchi
President & Chief Executive Officer, Japan