Eiji Sakaguchi

CBRE is a total solutions provider in commercial real estate, offering a wide range of services across Japan through 17 business lines that span from leasing and sales transactions to advisory services, facility management and more. We aspire to become an indispensable component of your business infrastructure, serving as a neutral provider of incisive real estate solutions best suited to your management strategy.

We believe our services can aid you to successfully tackle some of today's key management challenges, namely "work-style reform for increased productivity," "aging of facilities" and "acceleration of global expansion, driven by the shrinking of the domestic market."

With regards to "work-style reform for increased productivity," there has been an increasing interest not only in the quality of the workplace but also in the ways of working and in the well-being of employees. CBRE's capabilities extend beyond simply designing better office layouts. We can help you establish a healthy, comfortable and innovative workplace with mechanisms that foster a positive corporate culture and facilitate workplace communication. We also offer various outsourcing services, allowing you to offload the operation, administration and management of your facilities and properties to focus on your core businesses.

"Aging of facilities" refers to the impending need for reconstruction or repair of buildings and infrastructures that were constructed during the Japanese economic boom and are now nearing their end of life. Whether you intend to relocate from or dispose of your aging office, store, factory or warehouse, CBRE's nationwide network will allow you to comprehensively examine all options (disposition, acquisition, lease) with properties across the country, so that you may maximize your returns. With the introduction of the Japanese corporate governance code in 2015 placing greater significance on profitability indicators such as ROA (Return on Assets), it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to position and leverage real estate assets as important managerial resources.

For "acceleration of global expansion, driven by the shrinking of the domestic market," we support your endeavors with our expertise in local regulations and business practices around the world, established upon our extensive global coverage. Our services can also be utilized for PMI (Post Merger Integration) in international mergers and acquisitions. We also make it possible for you to manage both domestic and international real estate portfolios centrally without compromising your standards for accuracy and transparency.

Ikoma Corporation, the predecessor to CBRE Japan, was founded in 1970. We have since strived to serve the local communities as experts in real estate, providing solutions best suited to our clients' business strategies and contributing to the growth of their corporate value.

It is said that real estate brokers will soon be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the face of such transition, CBRE is committed to becoming a true business partner, not just a "matchmaker," that supports the growth of your business through real estate advisory and services. And with this clear vision in mind, we will continue to deliver unique advantages by integrating our diverse and powerful business lines.


Eiji Sakaguchi
President & Chief Executive Officer, Japan