Special Reports & ViewPoints

Publications that provide additional analysis on hot topics in the market.

ViewPoints & Special Reports

ViewPoints and Special Reports are research materials published by CBRE providing thorough analysis on hot topics in the market.
Document Year Period
Japan ViewPoint: Japan Retailer Survey ​2017 ​October
How Active Are Retailers in APAC? ​2017 ​September
​【Japan ViewPoint】 Evolving Logistics: Multi-use and Refrigerated Warehouses ​2017 ​June
​Data Centres: Bringing the Cloud Back to Earth ​2017 ​February
Japan Market Outlook 2017​​ ​2017 ​January
Greater Nagoya Logistics Market Outlook ViewPoint​ ​2016 ​December
Millennials in Live, Work, Play Report
Shaping the Future of Real Estate​
​2016 ​October
Japan Regional Office Market ViewPoint​ ​2016 ​October
Japan Hotel ViewPoint​ ​2016 ​September
​Greater Osaka Logistics Market Outlook ViewPoint ​2016 ​July
Asia Pacific Market Outlook 2016 ​2016 ​February
​Japan Real Estate Market Outlook 2016 ​2015 ​December
Japan Office ViewPoint ​2015 ​November
​Japan Major Report - Japan Outbound Investment ​2015 ​October
​Japan’s Rising Tide – Luxury Retailers Sailing In ​2015 ​August
Beyond Tokyo - What's Ahead in Japan's Regional Markets? ​2015 ​July
​Tokyo Logistics Market Outlook 2015 ​2015 ​March
APAC Consumer Survey 2014​ ​2015 ​February
​Japan Office Market Outlook 2015 ​2015 ​February
Japan Office ViewPoint ​2014 November​
​Assessing CBRE’s Assumed Achievable Rents via the Case-Shiller Model
​Japan Special Report
Japan's Bet on Casinos​ ​2014 ​November
Japan Office ViewPoint 2014 June
Japan Office Market Outlook 2014 April
Asia ViewPoint 2013 July
Going Global: Asian Institutional Investment in Real Estate
Global ViewPoint 2013 June
Commercial Real Estate in a QE World
Asia ViewPoint 2013 June
Going Global: Asian Institutional Investment in Real Estate
Prime Office Occupancy Costs 2013 June
Office Costs Rising Slowly
Global ViewPoint 2013 June
Making Some Sense of Recent Economic News
Retail Hotspots in Asia Pacific 2013 May
2013 Key Findings
Special Report 2013 May
How Global is the Business of Retail
Japan Office ViewPoint 2013 February
Office Market Outlook 2013
Prime Office Occupancy Costs 2012 December
Office Costs Rise Despite Headwinds
Special Report 2012 August
Marina Bay - A Garden City by the Bay | A Global Business Hub
Office ViewPoint 2012 August
Survey on Rent Revision 2011
Prime Office Occupancy Cost 2012 July
Office Markets in Transition
Global ViewPoint 2012 June
Shopping Centre Development
Special Report 2012 April
How Global is the Business of Retail
Office ViewPoint 2012 February
Office Market Outlook 2012
Global ViewPoint 2012 January
Global Real Estate Market Outlook 2012
Special Report 2012 January
Logistics Market and Investor Views on the Tokyo Market
APAC ViewPoint 2011 4th Quarter
Retail Occupier Activity
Office ViewPoint 2011 November
Office Demand Trends
Office ViewPoint 2011 September
Office Supply Trend
Conversation Special Report 2011 June
Nick Axford & Yuichiro Kawaguchi :Asia & Global Investment