CBRE Quarterly Survey

A quarterly questionnaire survey of expected yields by real estate investors and other related questions for sectors including office building, multi-family residential building, retail, hotel and warehouse.

Part of the survey results are being released from April 2009.


CBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 57.pdfCBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 572017October
CBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 56.pdfCBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 562017July
CBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 55.pdfCBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 552017April
CBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 54.pdfCBRE Quarterly Survey Vol 542017January
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CBRE group tracks expected yields by real estate investors and other related questions from July 2003. Although full survey results are only available to the respondents, an excerpt of the survey results is available here.


  • The objective of the survey is to collect and analyze the data conducive to looking at the level of expected yield for real estate investments.

Survey method

  • Sent and received by e-mail.

Types of respondents

  • Arrangers, Lenders (senior), Lenders (mezzanine), Developers, Real property lessors, Asset managers (Mainly for JREITs), Asset managers (Mainly for non-JREITs), Equity investors, etc.

Policy regarding the release of survey results

  • Official report on this website is an excerpt of the results from our quarterly survey. Please refer to the list for all surveyed items.

Released items

  • Survey overview: survey method, period, number of recipients, type of respondents, and reply rate.



Office Building Tokyo (Otemachi)
Osaka (Overall)
Nagoya (Overall)
Multi-family Residential Building Tokyo
Studio type apartment:(Central 5 Wards)
Multi-room type (or non-studio type):Jonan/ Josai area
Retail Tokyo
Multi-tenant building: Ginza Chuo Dori
Hotel Tokyo
Central 5 Wards,
Within five minutes walk from a major JR station
Warehouse Tokyo
Bay area