CBRE Releases “Winds of Change - Japan Adopts the Activity Based Workplace”

Tokyo, October 25, 2017 - CBRE today released “Winds of Change - Japan Adopts the Activity Based Workplace”. CBRE introduced the Activity-based Workplace (ABW) system to its Tokyo head office in 2014. This report discusses the benefits of workplaces which put more emphasis on the needs of the worker, based on the survey results of CBRE Tokyo staff, who were asked a series of questions regarding the ways in which ABW has changed their working style.

Key Highlights:

  • ABW is similar to the flexible workplace, however it provides the range of space options available in the office (on average 10-15 options). As well as meeting the corporate needs of cost efficiency and organizational flexibility, ABW provides workers with the freedom of not being tied to a single location.
  • Based on the experience of staff at CBRE’s Tokyo head office, ABW has transformed the way work is carried out, and has contributed to an increased awareness of the importance of workers’ wellbeing. CBRE’s surveys have also found that ABW has been a key factor that new grads considered when deciding which company to join.
  • Survey Results
  2014 2017
I have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from other departments 70%
I feel that their own individual productivity had increased as a result of the transition from the fixed workstation style 76% 84%
The current office is a great tool for recruiting talent 79% 91%
CBRE’s office environment was a factor in deciding to join the company 20%* 80%
My current office plan exerted a positive influence on their own health and happiness 59% 84%

*Before introduction of ABW

  • As competition for human resources continues to intensify, the format and appeal of workplaces will exert a significant impact on corporate growth. Workplaces which prioritize the needs of the worker, as exemplified by ABW, is likely to become a new standard for corporate offices in Japan.

For further details, please refer to the report from the link below:

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Press Release
Winds of Change - Japan Adopts the Activity Based Workplace

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