Transactions Involving Financial Instruments

1. Solicit​​ation Policy under the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments


(1) Basic Stance for Solicitation

CBRE will endeavor to give appropriate advice and explanation, in light of our client’s knowledge, investment experience, financial conditions and purpose of entering into the contract for sales and purchase of financial instruments and based on our client’s intention, so as to enable our client to understand the financial instruments, fees, risks etc.

CBRE will endeavor not to give any decisive or misleading statement about uncertain matters or not to mislead our client by providing false information so that our client can enter into a transaction with informed decision and responsibility. 

(2) Methods of Solicitations

CBRE will endeavor to ensure that it complies with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments and other applicable laws, regulations and guidelines when soliciting investment. 

CBRE will endeavor to solicit investment in and at appropriate locations and time and by the method preferred by our client. 

(3) Other Matters

CBRE will endeavor to educate its employees on necessary professional knowledge and skills to ensure appropriate solicitations at all times. 

CBRE will endeavor to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to requests received from our clients. 


2. About Our F​ees and Your Risks and Possibilities of Loss


(1) About Our Fees

CBRE handles broad range of financial instruments and offers variety of services, and our fees shall be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of the financial instruments, the scope of our services, period of our engagement etc.. For this reason, we are unable to indicate in advance the amounts or the calculation methods of our fees.

(2) About Your Risks and Possibilities of Loss

The financial instruments handled by CBRE may result in a loss of principal or may cause you to incur a loss exceeding the principal due to fluctuations in price, rent or occupancy rate of the underlying real estate asset, fluctuations in interest rate, catastrophe and large-scale natural disaster, changes in relevant legislations, increased tax burden due to change of tax system etc..

Furthermore, there is no guarantee of principal and no guarantee of earnings yield for the financial instruments handled by us, and thus the client shall bear the risk of the value of the financial instruments the client has invested falling below the investment principal.


3. About “Exp​iration Date” under the Professional Investor System


(1) Our “Expiration Date”

For CBRE’s clients, the “Expiration Date”, as defined under Article 34-3, paragraph 2, item 2 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, shall be as follows:

September 30

(2) About “Expiration Date”

Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, clients are classified either as “Professional Investors” or “General Investors” under the “Professional Investors System”. Certain “General Investors” may change their status to “Professional Investors”. Those “Professional Investors” who were originally “General Investors” automatically go back to their original “General Investors” status as of the Expiration Date, provided, however, that they may remain as “Professional Investors” by going through the necessary renewal procedure. Moreover, those “General Investors” who changed their status to “Professional Investors” may go back to their original “General Investors” status at any time by going through the necessary return procedure.

With respect to financial instruments transaction with clients classified as “Professional Investors”, we would be exempt from certain statutory regulations which would otherwise be imposed on us, and thus such clients may not enjoy full protection. Therefore, we would ask the client to give careful consideration regarding its change of status to “Professional Investors”.


4. Grievance and Dispute Resolutions


Grievance and Dispute resolutions: Type II Financial Instruments Business 

Grievance and Dispute resolutions: Investment Advisory and Agency Business





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